What do Steel and Baseball have in Common?

Spring is here and that means the start of baseball season. You might be curious what steel and baseball – Americas’ favorite pastime – could have in common? From the grueling 162-game schedule to the pitchers throwing more than 100 pitches at 90+ miles per hour, to your favorite slugger hitting it out of the park, there are quite a few similarities:

  • Time tested – just like America’s pastime, steel has been the dominant material used for vehicles. Just like every new baseball season features exciting rookies who will become the All-Stars of tomorrow, the steel industry continues to develop new grades of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) to satisfy vehicle requirements, including fuel efficiency and low emissions. AHSS has been the fastest growing material in light-duty vehicles over the last decade, as a result of the increased demand for safety, mass reduction and value.
Comerica Park

Comerica Park

  • Reliable – With its lightweight properties and incredible strength, AHSS comes out ready to perform each and every time. Consumers know and trust steel. In fact, in a study commissioned by SMDI, MindClick Global surveyed 3,000 U.S. truck and SUV owners and found manufacturing vehicles using AHSS increases overall automaker opinion / brand equity in the minds of consumers. Contributing factors included steel’s reputation for safety, performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Strong – just like you rely on the strength of your vehicle for optimal protection and to get you everywhere you need to be, you rely on the strength of your superstar player to help your team win. Many of today’s steels add rigidity to vehicle body structures, without adding weight. This helps to increase stiffness and allows for better vehicle handling and performance. A championship team also requires role players, defensive specialists, shut-down relievers and other key players, just like today’s vehicles use specialized grades of steel in different components and structures, giving engineers the ability to act like a veteran manager mixing and matching his lineup and making substitutions critical to win the game.

Steel is the only metal that works just as hard as you do and shows up ready to work, day in and day out, year after year. The latest manufacturing advances mean you don’t have to sacrifice strength to save weight.

So, as we get ready for Opening Day, whether you root, root, root for the home team or another team, know game after game, year after year, your favorite players are ready to perform through 162 games of thrilling baseball action. They are time-tested, reliable and strong– just like steel.

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