What Is Your Dad Made Of?

What comes to mind at the mention of the word “dad?” One movie that plays frequently on television is the Disney movie “The Incredibles.” It’s a great animated film about a family of super heroes with the central protagonist being a “Mr. Steel” type named Mr. Incredible. Now a dad doesn’t have to be a super hero to be “made of steel”- each and every day millions of men make the “incredible” choice to wake up and go to work in one of the most difficult but important roles, fatherhood.

A dad is there to tackle everything from dirty diapers to story time and everything in between. Dads pick their kids up from soccer practice, help build exploding volcanoes and sometimes even slip some money in the cup holder if their kids have forgotten to fill up their car before leaving home. A dad wears many hats which could include mechanic, accountant and sometimes monster-in-the-closet hunter.

It is easy then to make the comparison between a dad and steel. First, steel is strong; like a dad’s strong shoulders, a car relies on steel for optimal protection and to help get its owners wherever they need to go. Today’s steel adds strength and rigidity to vehicles without adding weight which allows for better handling and performance. Just like dad wears many different hats, engineers are able to use specialized grades of steel for different components of the car so no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing your car is ready for anything.


From 2 a.m. bottle feedings to waiting beside the door for 10 p.m. curfew, dads are reliable any time day or night. When choosing a vehicle to transport their family, dads expect that same reliability. Advanced high-strength steel is lightweight and more importantly trusted by families and dads across the country.  When surveyed, consumers expressed a preference for steel over aluminum at a rate of 4:1. Eco-conscious dads can also trust that steel is green. North Americans use 20-80% of recycled steel in their new production, which makes dads everywhere rest a bit easier and might even add a different kind of green to their pocket.

Like Mr. Incredible, every dad needs a friend they can count on. Mike Kozak may not be Frozone but he knows a great car when he sees one and shares the criteria he looks for when choosing the best option for his family:

Just like a great car is made of steel, a great dad has many of the same characteristics. This Father’s Day, before firing up the barbecue or heading out to the beach or ball game; take a minute to let the dad in your life know how much he means to you.

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