Salute to American Steel

Since ancient times, steel has played a vital role in our everyday lives. Steel contains the 26th element on the periodic table, iron. It’s morphed into the backbone of the United States and steel can be found everywhere, from soup can packaging to the car you drive.


Steel has shaped American culture in many ways even becoming the defining attribute of Superman and making its way into the Man of Steel movie released by Warner Brothers in 2013. Steel has also tapped into America’s favorite sport by influencing the logo of the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. The logo uses the American Iron and Steel Institute’s (AISI) design. It includes three different hypocycloids representing the different materials used to produce steel. Yellow symbolizes coal, orange represents ore, and blue signifies scrap steel. The organization even petitioned AISI to change the name inside the logo from Steel to Steelers as is featured on the players’ helmets during games.



Used in 1833 to help build the first skyscraper, steel continues to evolve as new steels are developed and deployed to meet society’s needs.. Steel played a vital role in the building of the Golden Gate Bridge in California. If it was built today instead of when construction started in 1933, only half of the 83,000 tons of steel used would be needed now, saving our nation’s resources. If the old bridge were taken down, that steel would be entirely recycled into new steel products for future generations.

More than half of the steels present in today’s vehicles didn’t exist 10 years ago and with breakthrough technologies and industry innovations, just imagine what steel will be able to accomplish tomorrow…

What do you know about steel? Test your steel knowledge using this crossword courtesy of

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