10 Fuel Savings Tips to Avoid Pain at the Pump

Ah Labor Day- that last chance to enjoy the fleeting remainder of summer before the obligations of work and school begin again in earnest. However after a summer of concerts, beach trips, dinners on outdoor patios, blockbuster movies and a pedicure or two, a trip might seem out of reach this year.

One factor that shouldn’t dampen your summer escape plans is high gas prices. By selecting the best materials and using the below fuel saving tips, you can make that one last beach trip a reality while saving a little green in the process.  In fact, Boer Deng of Scientific American writes that trimming a car’s weight by one-tenth can boost fuel economy by 6-8 percent. This is an exciting trend recently shown in the 2015 Nissan Murano weighing 130 pounds lighter than the outgoing 2014 model.  Nissan estimates that its new fuel economy is 20 percent better than the 2014 Murano’s 20 mpg rating.


Now you’ve picked a car with high strength steel and great fuel economy here are a few extra tips to put some extreme savings in your summer:

Avoid high speeds

As your speed increases, your aerodynamic drag increases: simply the faster you go the more wind you create which slows your car down. This makes it heavier and increases the amount of gas you need. Example: Driving 62 mph vs 75 mph will reduce your fuel intake by approximately 15 percent.

Lead foot and braking Betty

Learn to anticipate the traffic around you by avoiding sudden accelerating and braking. Master this and you could increase your fuel economy by 20 percent.

I like big…tires and I cannot lie

Make sure your tire pressure is at the recommended level for your car. Just one under inflated tire can increase fuel consumption by 1 percent.

Steel is the new green

Ahh new car smell-there’s nothing like it, except maybe the knowledge that the new car or truck you just bought is saving you some serious green as well. Cars and trucks built with AHSS weigh up to 35 percent less, which means significantly reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and greater fuel economy without losing strength, durability or safety- stop and smell those roses.

Bad news for Fido

Sorry in advance to your furry friend, but their lounging outside the window, especially while driving on the highway, can increase that dreaded drag and result in a drop in fuel economy up to 10 percent.

Gym, Tan, Laundry and…cleaning air filters?

You probably have your grooming routine down to a science but what about for your car? By showing it the same TLC like replacing air filters, spark plugs or low fluids can also help avoid a decrease in fuel economy.

Baby You’re a Song, you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise…control

Using that special button and maintaining consistent speeds over a long distance can save on gas.

Take those skeletons out of your closet…and your trunk

Pack lightly- we promise you don’t need four bathing suits for two days.

Stop! Don’t idle

If you plan to hang out for longer than a minute, turn off your car. Restarting your car actually uses less fuel than letting your car idle.


This is the perfect opportunity to have your friend with the roomy backseat drive (who doesn’t love more leg room?)

Updated Fuel Infographic

So whether you’re hitting the beach, playing the links or visiting grandma and grandpa one last time this summer- try these tips and see if you notice a difference in your tank and your wallet. Because at the end of the day-summer is all about the memories you make.

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