Truck or Treat?

Halloween is coming, bringing the age old question of “What are you going to be for Halloween?” As many parents are realizing, that question doesn’t stop with your costume. If you are participating in a local Trunk or Treat event, you may have to extend that costume idea to your truck.

Trunk-or-Treat – or “Truck-or-Treat” – is a safe alternative to trick-or-treating. Instead of walking around the neighborhood in the dark, participants open their decorated trunks in a closed parking lot where children can go from car to car and “trunk-or-treat.” These are usually hosted by schools, churches or community groups and are the perfect option for parents worried about safety during traditional trick-or-treating.

Truck or Treat-

Like anything in life, you can do the bare minimum, or you can deck out your truck bed to create a memorable experience for the children. If you have a truck, there are a few different types of decorations you can pursue.

Monster Faces

For the parent that is short on time, or was invited to participate last minute, poster board is your friend. Get out those magic markers and create some googly eyes, teeth and a scary looking monster face for your truck bed.

Truck or Treat1

Even easier, get this decorating kit from Party City for only $5.99.

Party City

Halloween / Fall Themes

For small children, an autumn or general Halloween theme is less intimidating. Here’s where you can pull out your home décor and transfer it to your truck. Throw on a witch hat or cat ears and you’ve got yourself a costume.

Truck or Treat3


Don’t forget to use hay bales, pumpkins or cornstalks for the ultimate fall truckscape:

Truck or Treat

Over the Top

Use the truck bed space to your advantage by coming up with a unique and fun idea. This Instagram user created a Narnia themed truck bed complete with snow and Aslan!


This truck owner found a creative way to bring the beach to Halloween!

Truck or Treat2

Costume Extension

If you are dressing up in a fun costume, think about how you can extend it to your truck. This truck owner went as Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh and transformed her bed into the Hundred Acre Wood:


These adorable little pirates built a ship out of their truck bed:


Whatever choice you make just remember that anything goes in truck or treating!

If you have a truck or treat decorating idea or want to share your creation, please comment below.

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