Life is a Journey with Steel by Your Side

For most of us, driving is a part of our everyday life. Many of us associate driving with freedom; the first drive alone after you get your license, or hitting the open road with no destination in mind. Driving is a part of every major milestone in your life.

As a newborn, your first ride home was a big production for your parents. Getting the car seat installed and making sure their precious cargo stayed safe was top priority. Parents know having a family vehicle that’s strong, dependable, durable and sustainable is important, and the decision to own one is easy when the vehicle is made with steel. In fact, when asked which auto components protect them most, the top three choices were seat belts, the steel structure around the passenger compartment) and steel side-impact beams (placed inside car doors to better protect passengers in side-impact collisions).


As a teenager, whether you are learning to drive or getting your first car, fuel economy is a high priority. You want a car you can drive your friends around town in without having to spend your entire allowance at the gas station. They say freedom comes at a price, but it shouldn’t break the bank! Steel vehicles use advanced high-strength technology – it’s lightweight and offers the perfect balance between fuel economy and performance.

Finally, as an adult, you might think about getting a vehicle that helps contribute to a healthier environment. The use of advanced high-strength steel can cut total life cycle carbon dioxide emissions by up to 15 percent more than any other automotive material. Its innovative technology puts you ahead without sacrificing strength or the environment to save weight. Steel is also 100 percent recyclable. So your car will live on long after you’ve stopped driving it.

How has your vehicle played a role in your most memorable moments?

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