Top Five Reasons Why Steel is our Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help but think about why consumers and automakers love steel. Is it because a steel-intensive vehicle makes us feel safe, or is it because we know choosing steel means supporting a long-lasting environment? Here are five reasons why steel will remain our vehicle valentine:


1. Steel has goals in life.

A great automotive material is one with goals and works towards achieving them. Steel grabs life by the horns, finds ways to reinvent itself and works hard to remain the automotive material of choice. Like lightweighting. GMC revealed their new Acadia at the 2016 North American International Auto Show showing off its new and lean body. The Acadia shed 700 pounds thanks in part to our valentine, proving steel can accomplish just about anything.


2. Steel is a material of its word.

Steel doesn’t backtrack on its words. It made us a promise to be a light, strong and sustainable material and keeps it. Steel sticks to its values no matter what.

Light. Strong. Sustainable

3. Steel is exciting and fun.

Whether it is taking our steel pickup truck for an off-roading adventure or driving our steel SUV across the country for a road trip, steel comes in all shapes and sizes allowing for it to be an active and exciting material.

*Bonus: steel gets along with people of all ages. It’s a versatile material that draws everyone to it.

Terrific Tow Truck//

The 2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Off-Roading

4. Steel is responsible.

Steel made a commitment not only to us, but to the Earth as well. Its sustainability and recyclability make it the envy of other materials. It understands there’s more to cars than MPGs and a vehicle’s environmental impact over its life matters far more. Better yet, steel proves how it has a more positive impact on the earth than others do. Nothing beats a responsible material.

Steel Requires 7 Times Less Energy to Produce than Aluminum

5. You can always count on steel.

Steel hasn’t just been here for us now, but for consumers since the beginning of the automobile. It continues to meet all of our durability, safety and efficiency needs all at the highest value. What more could we possibly ask for!

Happy Friday!

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While these are just a few reasons we love steel, we are positive it will continue to “steel” our hearts each year!

Share with us why steel is your valentine this year in the comments below.


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