Pow! Steel is the Star in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

With all the buzz around the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, it’s hard not to share the news – steel will be featured in more than one role in the movie! While Superman is often referred to as the “Man of Steel,” we see many characteristics of steel in Batman, as well! After you watch the movie, it’ll be clear steel, with its superhero-like qualities, is the star of the show.


*Lights, Camera, Action*


Versatile – Batman can adapt and so can steel. He’s constantly reinventing his technologies, technique and himself, so his attack and defense methods are kept reliable and innovative. Like Batman, steel grabs life by the “cape,” finds ways to reinvent itself and works hard to remain the automotive material of choice.

Relatable – Batman is mortal and for that, his humanity is what leaves everyone rooting for him. He exemplifies resilience and the idea, ‘if we set our minds to it, we have the capacity to achieve it.’ Steel’s humbling journey through time has also stuck to us, leaving us to choose steel when it comes to our cars. If we can dream it, we can achieve it, and steel continues to prove this mantra again and again.

Batman Logo



Endurance – Superman possesses great strength and stamina making him almost invulnerable. Steel wants to do just that – make you feel invulnerable. It takes on the job of being strong, dependable and durable to make sure we can conquer the road in our vehicles.

Honorable – Superman uses his powers to benefit humankind and the world. Steel does also. Steel-intensive vehicles provide greater value in meeting fuel economy regulations and will do so with significantly lower CO2 impact, leaving the earth and its people much happier.


While those were some references of steel’s appearance in Dawn of Justice, steel is also featured concretely. The steel-intensive Jeep Renegade “Dawn of Justice” Special Edition, featuring 70 percent advanced steels, makes a special debut in the movie.

Jeep RenegadeImage Source: Autoblog.com

*SPOILER ALERT* Bruce Wayne needs a vehicle durable and strong enough to power through the storm! Cue the Renegade, extreme stunt driving and an epic storm in Metropolis! Check out Jeep’s shining moment here:

What other superhero-like qualities do you see in steel? Let us know in the comments below!

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