Time to be Green: How to Reduce your Car Emissions

In our last post, we talked about how some of our driving habits may not be very friendly to the earth. To celebrate Earth Day this year we are giving the latest short- and long-term tweaks you can make to help reduce your car emissions, keeping the earth green!

Green Car Image

Here are some quick fixes to break our bad habits (Pssst … not just on Earth Day, but every day):

5) Maintain your car regularly for maximum fuel efficiency, reliability and fewer car emissions. Be sure to use the correct oil and gas grades, and ask for a regular tune-up of your engine. These are great ways to save a few dollars, while still reducing car emissions!

4) Ditch your car keys and take out your steel-intensive bike for a ride, instead. It’s not only great for the environment, but also a healthy alternative for us folks, as well. This is definitely a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

Earth Day Bicycle

3) Adjust the way you drive and step away from the brake pedal. Remember the “gas-brake-gas” dance we mentioned before? It needs to go out of style ASAP. Other ways to improve your fuel economy and reduce emissions are to minimize your time spent idling and avoid hard accelerations.

2) Shed some weight by getting the junk out of your trunk! Unload unnecessary items in your trunk to reduce weight. Carrying extra pounds could set you back in terms of miles per gallon. Spend your Earth Day making your store returns and recycling those empty bottles and cans. Losing car weight and gaining wallet weight sounds like a good time to us!

Image Credit: AutoBlog

Image Credit: AutoBlog

1) Buy smart and think of your future. New vehicle advancements, like the Start Stop Technology, can really aid in our mission to become more eco-friendly. We know a hybrid or battery-electric car isn’t for all of us, so think of how to max-out your car in green features to save both the earth and your wallet in the long haul. Remember; be sure to check out your future vehicle’s window stickers, which provide fuel economy and environmental rating.

While those are all green tweaks we can make to reduce our emissions, we believe it goes beyond just taking actions right now and is instead about thinking ahead to the future.

Most of the time, we look at how a car is used, or what happens at the end of its life to determine if it is “green.” We don’t think of the actual process of creating the vehicle. However, an auto made of steel is created ready for us – the environmentally conscious consumers!

Why do we say this? Emissions begin when the car is manufactured; in fact, it starts when the materials going into the car are produced. When used for automotive applications, advanced steels help automakers reduce the total carbon footprint of a vehicle without compromising performance, fuel-efficiency or affordability. This means producing these steels emits less CO2 emissions than alternative materials creating less of an impact on the earth’s atmosphere. Steel makes an environmentally sound choice for automakers, the earth and ourselves!

Sounds “green” to me!

Corny joke aside, remember steel and sustainability goes hand in hand, making your job of greening the earth a lot easier! Choosing a steel-intensive vehicle as your next lease or purchase helps ensure our planet remains cared for now and in its future!

Key to a Better Environment

Do any of the Earth Day actions you take part in align with ours? Share your favorite activities in the comment section below!

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  1. It’s great to know how to reduce car emissions. I didn’t know that having weight in the trunk makes the emissions worse, but it makes sense. We need to take the set of weights out of the trunk, if that’s the case!

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