Summer Driving Tips

It’s summer time and we’re just as ready as you are to pack our bags and hit the open highway! Whether it’s driving up the California coast, or driving to taste the freshest seafood in the Northeast, we need to make sure our vehicle is locked and loaded to make the trip. Check out some of our summer driving tips to make sure you’re ready for your road-trip adventures:

Route 66

Don’t let it feel too ‘hot hot hot’

High temperatures may cause overheating and great damage to some of your vehicle’s cooling systems like a leaking hose or low coolant levels. Be sure to check out your coolant reservoir level regularly and double check your fan is working before you hit the road.

‘Let the good times roll’

In order to do so, you need to make sure your tire pressure is at the recommended level for your car. Summer temperatures worsen existing damage to your tires and under-inflation of tires causes even more heat, which can cause punctures and blowouts. Just one under-inflated tire can increase fuel consumption. Not to mention, a flat tire can take away some time saved for summer fun!

Shed some weight

No, you don’t need to shed weight, but your trunk probably does! Pack light for your trip. Carrying extra pounds could set you back in terms of miles per gallon. Get to your destination and then purchase your groceries or charcoal for the grill!

‘Baby you’re a song, you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise…control’

Using that special button and maintaining consistent speeds over a long distance can give your feet a break, save on gas, and help you avoid speeding tickets!

Green grass, green leaves, green car

Cars and trucks built with advanced high-strength steels weigh up to 29% less, which means significantly reducing emissions and greater fuel economy without losing strength, durability, or safety. It also saves a little green in your wallet to use for that summer excursion.

So, whether it’s traveling west on Route 66, or making your way up North, be sure to try these tips to make your road trip safe and fun!

Not sure where to head this summer? Check out the Summer of Steel Roadtrip we took last summer! We’re positive it’ll strike up some ideas for where to spend your fun in the sun.


Be sure to let us know where the road takes you this summer in the comment section!

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