Celebrate Stars and Stripes, Celebrate Steel

Steel is present in almost everything we encounter every day. It is a critical component of the appliances in our kitchens, the cans that store our food, the buildings we work in, the roads and bridges we drive on and the cars and trucks we drive in. Steel also makes up a major industry of workers in the United States and globally.

This Labor Day weekend, we commemorate all the workers who are the backbone of our great country. Demonstrated by their hard work and dedication, laborers are the strength and longevity of the United States.


Through its predecessor organizations, the American Iron and Steel Institute’s history spans more than 150 years. As steel manufacturers, researchers and consumers, we also celebrate the many jobs the steel industry has created and our products made in America.

NucorSource: Nucor Corporation

The North American steel industry employs top notch men and women of many diverse backgrounds and disciplines—the best and the brightest talent—to build a sustainable future. The steel industry directly employs about 142,000 people in the United States, and directly or indirectly supports almost one million U.S. jobs.

As the backbone of manufacturing, steel is a strategic industry essential to America’s economic growth and stability. We are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to make steel which keeps our industry one of the world’s most competitive, sustainable and environmentally progressive industries.

Steel PlantSource: Flickr

We thank all the workers who create continuous opportunities and contribute to design products made in America. We salute you! What American-made products do you celebrate? Who would you like to thank for their hard work? Let us know in the comments below.


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