STEEL: The Material’s Champion

It’s been a long election year, and although we don’t know who will win the presidential race, we do know one thing for sure: steel is the best candidate in the automotive materials’ race. While other materials may possess a few qualities we have, they don’t have it all. As we wait for our next president to be announced, let’s look at why steel is the materials champion!


The Steel Campaign Platform

 Steel is lightweight: Advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) can reduce a vehicle structure’s weight up to 29%.

Steel offers high value: Mass reduction with AHSS allows designers to hit their weight reduction targets at lower manufacturing cost than alternative materials, thus maximizing value to automakers and consumers.

 Steel is trustworthy: Consumers know and trust steel. Vehicles using AHSS grades increase the overall automaker brand opinion and equity in the minds of consumers.

 Steel is strong: The variety of steel grades allows automakers to use the right grade in the right application for exceptional occupant protection, crash energy management and durability.

 Steel is sustainable: Steel is continuously recycled into new products, preserving natural resources for future generations and reduces vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

Steel is global: Steel-intensive designs can be implemented on global vehicle platforms, enabling car companies to keep design and manufacturing costs low.


The votes are finally in and we’re ready to announce the next materials champion… STEEL!


Source: e3Learning (Flickr)

Light, strong and sustainable – steel is everything you need it to be.

Why did you vote for steel: the material’s champion? Let us know in the comments below!

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