Music: The Necessity for Every Great Trip!

Your car is a part of you, no matter if it’s a sedan, luxury vehicle, SUV, or convertible. Cars are the best way to get around in the United States, and owning one (especially your first one) is a major life event. It’s no surprise that driving has become part of the American fabric.  Not only does that mobility give you the opportunity to have more experiences, the trip itself can often be just as memorable.

Whether a drive is just a few minutes or a couple days, nothing helps pass the time better than music. A good playlist can be the difference between two hours of staring at brake lights or two hours of your own personal concert, complete with vocals. Knowing this, automakers are quick to stay on top of music trends. They offer their customers a wide array of options for listening to their preferred music, ranging from satellite radio to AUX cords to Bluetooth capability and often have premium speaker system packages in their high-end trim levels. The car has been a music medium for generations, and will certainly continue in the future.


As we head into the warmer months, we decided to curate the ultimate driving playlist for any road trip on Spotify.

We present to you… SMDI’s Ultimate Driving Playlist! Be sure to hit “Follow” so you can access it easily on your personal profile. We think you’ll like what you hear…

You’ll notice these songs all have one thing in common – they’re songs you can make memories to, especially on the road. Who hasn’t heard the opening riffs to Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run and immediately turned up the volume? How about listening to Little Red Corvette over and over again because when you’re belting out the lyrics, the song goes much too fast? Or had Fun, Fun, Fun driving to the beach on a warm, sunny day – even if you never had a T-Bird? Our collection spans genres and decades, but as the songs will show, the love of driving is universal.

What do you think of our playlist? Anything we should add? How about songs that you’ve made memories on the road to? Leave a comment and let’s relive your experience!

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