Your Summer Soundtrack Tune Up

Windows down, music up! There’s no better feeling than going on a summertime adventure, where new experiences await. Whether you’re headed out solo or with friends, have an action packed itinerary or plan to go wherever the road takes you, you’ll need a strong soundtrack to go with it.

We have the perfect one for you.

The Perfect Playlist for the Perfect Drive!

The role of music as part of the driving experience cannot be understated. When you hear the intro of a song like Joker and the Thief or Wagon Wheel, you can’t help but turn up the volume! Our hope is that every song on this playlist gives you a “best road trip ever” type of feeling. Before you hit the road, grab some sunscreen, put your windows down and the sunroof all the way back, open your Spotify app, and let our playlist work its magic.

Without further ado, we present to you DriveUsingSteel’s “Summer on the Road” playlist!

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These songs have inspired countless head bobs, steering wheel taps, impromptu in-car concerts and more. You just can’t help but smile when you’re Walking on Sunshine, whether you’re the driver or The Passenger. There’s nothing like Summertime to remind you of the gorgeous scenery of America!  It’s a great time to make some memories, and we have just the soundtrack.

What do you think of our Summer on the Road playlist? Any songs we should add? Leave a comment and let us know!

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