Honda Clarity Series Recognized as Green Car Journal’s 2018 Green Car of the Year Award

Congratulations are in order for the Honda Clarity series! On Nov. 30 during the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Honda Clarity series, comprised of the 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, 2017 Clarity Electric and 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell, was awarded the Green Car Journal’s 2018 Green Car of the Year award.

Honda Clarity

The 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid arrived at dealerships on Dec. 1, while the 2017 Clarity Electric and 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell are available in select markets.

The 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle’s platform is comprised of 40 percent of high-strength steel, utilizing high-formability 980 MPa-class steel for automotive application. Thanks to these efforts, Clarity has a next-generation steel body absorbing more impact, yet is approximately 15 percent lighter than a traditional mid-size sedan. Its rigid body also leads to greater handling stability.

Green Car Journal has been honoring the most important “green” vehicles every year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and now AutoMobility LA, since its inaugural award was announced in 2005. The award is a reflection of the automotive industry’s expanding efforts in offering new vehicles with higher efficiency and improved environmental impact.

Green Car Journal Logo

Did you know celebrity auto enthusiast Jay Leno is part of the esteemed jury who selects the Green Car of the Year, in addition to leaders of noted environment and efficiency organizations and Green Car Journal editors? Together, they select the winner through a majority vote, taking into account efficiency, performance characteristics, ‘newness’, affordability and overall environmental achievement.

Congrats again to Honda on this prestigious recognition! Share your congratulations in the comments below.

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