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Steel’s Future in North American Light Vehicles Solid

The data clearly shows that steel and ferrous materials have a very bright future in North American light vehicles and steel continues to offer a cost-effective means to construct lightweight vehicles in the upcoming years. Continue reading

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Life Cycle Assessment: Tailpipe-only Standards Can Result in Unintended Consequences

When we focus only on tailpipe emissions, this results in unintended consequences of increased total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a higher cost to consumers. Continue reading

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The Auto Industry’s High-Strength Diet Plan

Today’s vehicles are getting lighter, as we’ve documented in a previous blog post. A practice beginning on the heels of the Oil Crisis of the 1970s, the automotive industry continues to look to lightweighting to increase the fuel efficiency of … Continue reading

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The Steel Industry’s Tech Transformation

ArcelorMittal Dofasco CEO Sean Donnelly discusses how technology is helping the steel industry respond to the automotive industry’s needs. Continue reading

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Materials Matter When Buying a Truck

If you’re buying a truck this year – get ready to be overwhelmed with all of the options available. Trucks and crossover vehicles are some of this year’s most anticipated new models, but with so many models on the market, … Continue reading

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Does This Steel Make Me Look Fat?

We’ve all heard that question and have dreaded answering it, but in the case of steel nothing could be further from the truth. One of today’s most pressing automotive goals is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from light duty … Continue reading

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